At the reception, we can prescribe new medicines, plan B-certificates for Kela’s rehabilitation therapies, prepare A-certificates for short sick leave and also provide various certificates for Kela and other organisations.

Youth psychiatrists

This includes receptions for children below 18 years of age and young adults: consultations, diagnostic assessments, rehabilitation coordination, medications and therapies.

Long-term individual therapies

Long-term therapies are performed by specialists in both adult psychiatry and youth psychiatry, along with other therapists. Therapies are often, but not always, covered by Kela rehabilitation. If they wish, the patient can also pay for their own therapy. A wide range of ailments is treated with therapy, including depression and other mood disorders, neuroses and obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, trauma, addiction problems, impulse control difficulties, various neuropsychological disorders and, in the case of young people, difficulties in identity and independence and exclusion.

A skilled therapist treats patients holistically. During therapy, it is not uncommon that one disorder can turn into another, which is why we do not recommend only symptomatic thinking.

Short therapies (5–10 appointments)

Short therapies are often used to treat minor crises, losses, interpersonal difficulties, and problems at workplaces and school. They also include an assessment of the need for possible longer-term treatment or therapy.

Couple and family therapies

Couple and family therapies are usually related to the treatment of young people or raising children. Common crises are related to relationships, infidelity, addiction, impulse control and serious mental health issues.

Consultations in occupational health

Consultations are usually requested by an occupational health service chosen by your employer and usually include three to five visits. They are reception activities, such as consultation visits, and include an assessment of the need for treatment and medication and of work capacity. Consultations are usually accompanied by a consultation response to the sending health unit.

Other services

In exceptional cases, we perform neuropsychological examinations and psychological testing.