Health and society -seminars

Every year, we organise a Health and Society seminar, which deals with current health policy issues, for doctors in Pirkanmaa.

Topics have included the Electronic Patient Information System (2009) and Murders in Healthcare (2008). We provide information about healthcare organisations, their structures and the management of expert organisations. For instance, Who Leads Healthcare or Does Anyone Lead (2005) and Ethical Leadership in Healthcare (2010). We study the role of the doctor in health care organisations, such as in Does the job exhaust the doctor? (1998).

How to get involved

We invite leading figures in society to speak at the seminar, including policy makers, health care experts and theorists in religion, culture and ethics.

Educational days are created by experts on Egofunktion’s board.

If you are a doctor from Pirkanmaa but are not yet on our mailing list, please send your contact information to