Price list

The professionals working at Egofunktio set their own fees. The payment is given directly in cash to the doctor or the therapist. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do it at least two working days before your appointment; otherwise, a full fee will be charged.

Common fees:


Consultation 45 min

100 – 180 €

Therapy sessions 45 min

80 – 150 €

Certificates and statements (B, C)

100 – 200 €

Other statements and certificates

20 – 200 €


Consultation/therapy 45 min

60 – 100 €

Psychological testing

200 – 500 €

These fees are estimates, and actual fees may vary from those mentioned above.

Kela refunds

KELA pays you a refund based on the health insurance law. You will have to apply for these refunds yourself, and the money will be returned to your account. We will provide the forms necessary for the refund. The KELA refunds vary depending on whether you are less than 27 years of age, if you have a consultation or a psychotherapy visit or the length of your visit (45 or 60 minutes).